I think I am finally learning to let go of things. A few weeks ago I sold all but one of my bee boxes, and this weekend I listed my chicken coop for sale. I really hate to get rid of it, but I will never have chickens again while I am living in this house. The rats were just out of control. Such a mess. Currently it is being used as a storage for pots and garden junk. It’s basically a huge junk drawer, that is rotting away. It needs new paint and a bit of TLC. Hubby did such a wonderful job on it, it’s a shame to let it just die like that. I asked hubby if he was attached to it, and he said not at all. I was surprised by that considering how much time and effort he put into it. The only explanation I can think of is he just enjoys projects like that. It’s the journey, not the destination I guess. So… what plants am I going to put there? Might ask hubby to built a raised flowerbed.

When I Watched Her Die: a shocking crime thriller
by Sonya Bateman
5.0 Stars (3 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Psychological

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I was twelve when I watched her die in the woods. No one believed what I saw. Until now.

We finally found her. And now, I get to investigate her murder.

But first, I have to catch a serial killer…

Detective Preston Clarke, recently promoted to the only female detective on her town’s force, has been waiting twenty years to solve a murder that only she believes happened. But when the girl’s body is found, she’s already neck-deep in a more recent, crucial case.

An active serial killer has moved into her town. He’s already claimed one victim, and there will be more.

Preston is determined to handle this on her own, to prove herself, but her boss has other ideas. The department has hired an expert who worked on the serial killer’s original case — and he’s transferring into town to be Preston’s partner.

It’s not the start she wanted for her career. And then, things get worse.

More bodies drop. Preston discovers a shocking connection between the long-dead girl and the present-day killer.

And the killer’s next target might just be her.

Perfect for fans of Freida McFadden, Jeneva Rose, Karin Slaughter and Anya Mora.

Please note this is a revised edition of Kill Switch.

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Darcy: A Pride and Prejudice Variation (Warleigh Hall Press Jane Austen Series)
by Alice McVeigh
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Genre: Adaptations & Pastiche | Historical Fiction | Romance

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“Should she reject me again, I shall have to wed – as I swore I never would – for dynasty alone. I can only ever love Elizabeth Bennet.”

Take a deep dive into Darcy.

McVeigh puts the spotlight on Darcy in this imaginative re-telling of Austen’s classic tale. In a timeless story of love amid the clash of social classes, Darcy is faced with a terrible choice: to stay in London to force Wickham’s hand – or to go to Rome, to salvage his family’s reputation.

With a new Darcyesque slant, omitted scenes from the original, and an extra helping of humour – including excerpts from The Wisdom and Wit of Miss Mary Bennet – this is a fresh new Pride and Prejudice with (wedding) bells on!

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by Cameron Stone
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Genre: Teen & Young Adult

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Seventeen-year-old Nathan Gutierrez and his occasional crush, Oliver, plan to quit social media. Forever. Not that they’ll be missed – their only followers are friends and family.

But before he deletes the app, Nate captures the perfect shot of a fight between two popular girls at school. One upload later, his popularity skyrockets. Nothing gets views faster than pretty girls pulling hair and clawing eyes.

While most influencers are beacons of false positivity and saccharine platitudes, Nate goes the other way. He becomes an #unwellness influencer.

Want to be angry? Go for it.
Don’t feel like sleeping? Stay awake.
Hold a grudge? Follow your heart.

Nate’s popularity surges as he turns his high school into a buffet of sickening sandwiches, insomnia, and rage. His followers become judge, jury, and executioner. It’s all going so well-

Until someone steals his account.

The uploads change. Now, they’re not just defiant; they’re sinister and suicidal. It’s only a matter of time before someone dies.

Not that his audience cares.

They’ve grown rabid.

And now they’re coming for Nate.

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Marrying Miss Marshal (Wind River Hearts Book 1)
by Lacy Williams
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Genre: Religion & Spirituality | Romance | Westerns | Religious & Inspirational Fiction

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… includes an exclusive sneak preview of Lacy’s newest book!

Town marshal Danna Carpenter may never get used to being a woman in a man’s job. She’s determined to prove herself, but the danger may prove too much…

When private detective Chas O’Grady arrives in town, he threatens to upset the orderly life Danna has built for herself. Charming where Danna is stern, with his city manners and sharp wit, Chas is her polar opposite.

When Danna and Chas interrupt a bank robbery, circumstances land them in a hasty marriage of convenience to save Danna’s reputation, and opposing sides begin to blur. But in a lawless wilderness, keeping the peace won’t be Danna’s only challenge. The greatest threat of all may lie in opening her guarded heart.

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The King’s Henchmen: The Henchmen Chronicles – Book 1
by Craig Halloran
4.3 Stars (262 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy

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Stranded in a fantasy world, a beer truck driver struggles to take up the sword and fight his way home.

Still reeling from the tragic events that threw his life into turmoil, Abraham Jenkins now rides the lonely roads as a delivery man. Until one day fate intervenes…

Abraham is catapulted into a bizarre land unlike anything he’s ever imagined. A world of assassins, monsters, and brutal lords. To survive, he must lead a notorious group known as the King’s Henchmen on a do-or-die mission against a dark overlord.

Surrounded by henchmen who don’t trust him and with a ruthless king’s death sentence hanging over his head, Abraham must do whatever it takes to live long enough to save a kingdom in chaos and figure out how to return home.

Because even a humdrum life on the road beats braving a bloody kingdom in chaos.

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