The laughed at me! They laughed so hard I think one of them might have wet their pants. Which sucks because I do all the laundry. Why is my Hubby and baby bassets laughing so hard you may ask? I got the coolest thing in the whole wide world, and no matter how much I get made fun of, I am still wearing them. CLIP ON SUNGLASSES! Why should I have a whole other set of prescription glasses when I can just put clip-on sunglasses over my current ones? Hmm?? HMMM??? Oh.. it gets better. THEY FLIP UP!! OH THE CONVENIENCE! Listen, we all know I will never be the cool mom. Why not embrace my nerdy side completely. I am so looking forward to being able to see in the sunlight. (singing out loud) A WHOLE NEW WORLD!!!!!!!

NO PLACE TO HIDE  (Jake Ord Thrillers Book 1)
4.2 Stars (1,170 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction

FREE for a limited time

Jake Ord lives in peaceful seclusion with his companion, Magda, in a small town in Portugal.

They each have something to hide, but their life together is just how they want it: tranquil, safe and agreeably boring.


Crime boss Ed Fogarty has escaped from prison. He wants revenge on those who put him there.

He also wants the missing £20 million from his last heist.

Fogarty is ticking names off his hit list.
He knows where Jake lives.
It’s time for Jake and Magda to run.

But Magda is no stranger to the criminal underworld — or to the violent men hunting them.



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An Unexpected Roomie (Love Tucson Book 3)
by Laura Langa
4.3 Stars (197 Reviews)
Genre: Humor & Entertainment

FREE for a limited time

What’s a little marriage of convenience between friends?

Claire Winesett never expected to be sleeping on her best friend’s brother’s couch. But the last nine years as a solo-travel influencer has been anything but predictable. Luckily, Claire thrives on spontaneity, and after all, it’s only temporary.

Boundaries define every aspect of Rowan Bellamy’s life, and having his teenage crush under his roof is disrupting his routines. Especially now that Claire seems to be seeing him as more than the boy she left behind — the chemistry between them sizzling hotter than the Arizonan summer.

When a trip to the ER leads Claire on a path to crushing medical debt, Rowan shocks her with an unexpected proposal. But Claire can’t accept a paper-only marriage to gain Rowan’s health insurance without offering something in return — a Fun Pact. Two nights a week, they add a little variety to Rowan’s measured life.

Old West bar fights, silent desert discos, and improv lessons aren’t Rowan’s idea of fun, but he’ll do anything to hear Claire’s snort laugh. The problem is the more time they spend together, the harder it is for Rowan to subdue the possessive impulse to kiss his wife.

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The Unquiet Grave (Captain Harry Tennant Mystery Book 1)
by David J. Oldman
4.1 Stars (1,231 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Mystery

FREE for a limited time

London, 1946.

The war may be over, but the it’s devastating effects are not…

Captain Harry Tennant has returned from serving in Italy and North Africa, expecting to be demobbed, only to find his services are still in demand.

A policeman before the war, he’s made part of the Intelligence Corps, investigating war crimes.

Mostly he looks into smaller cases of army personnel who are the victims, or perpetrators of crimes.

That’s how Rose Kearney’s file ends up on his desk.

Her brother William, a soldier with the Hampshire Regiment, was reported missing in action after D-Day. Having heard nothing else since, she’s travelling from their home in Wicklow to find answers.

As Harry starts to investigate, he learns Kearney was part of a carrier crew fighting near Caen.

The bodies from Kearney’s crew are found near a French chateau, with one appearing to have been executed.
But there’s was no sign of Kearney.

Reports of Nazi atrocities nearby are leaking out and at first, it seems the men were victims of the ruthless Nazi machine.

But things aren’t adding up for Tennant.

Why was Kearney’s body never found, and why was an SS officer discovered with the missing man’s disks?

Although his superior, Jekyll, wants the death blamed on the SS and quickly wrapped up, the more Harry digs, the more curious he becomes.

He sets out to find answers, but only seems to dig up more questions.

And it’s not long before Tennant find himself in grave danger…

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Backstabbed and B*tchslapped (Dragon Drillers MC Book 1)
by Dani Carr
4.4 Stars (127 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Romance | Foreign Languages | LGBTQ+ eBooks

FREE for a limited time

I often wonder why some people have all the luck while others have none.

I found out the hard way that I was in the second category.

When my husband dies of an overdose while banging my best friend, a long list of unfortunate events unravels before me.

I believed I was leaving behind all the devastation that tore my world to shreds. I was wrong.

When my beloved uncle left me a vast inheritance, it came just in time to help me make my escape. But nowhere in the paperwork did it mention anything about inheriting his enemies, too.

I’ve caught the eye of more than one local man, but I’m no longer interested in being tied down.

Little do they know, change is inevitable. These men will have to stay out of my way or learn to reap what they sow.

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The Shining Swan (Of the Wing Book 3)
by P.K. Butler, Madli Silm
4.7 Stars (16 Reviews)
Genre: Children’s eBooks

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In Ireland, where her great-grandmother owns a castle, Claire learns that she is the descendant of a magical race that once ruled ancient Éire. And like her ancestor Gealala, a 13th-century ruler known as the Shining Swan, Claire possesses an ability to summon birds. In fact, four raptors come unbidden to assist her in fulfilling a hereditary destiny to protect endangered waders. Irish curlews, nearly extinct, have chosen to nest on the shores of Lough Gur, the Enchanted Lake. To save their threatened habitat, Claire relies on a host of friends, including a neighbor’s eight-year-old foster child and expert fairy hunter. Together they decipher long-hidden clues to revive the mystical power of a mythical past.

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The Castaway: Shipwreck Key Book One
by Stephanie Taylor
4.5 Stars (1,310 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction | Sagas

FREE for a limited time

A President dies under mysterious circumstances, leaving a secret mistress and their twelve-year-old son… and also a loyal First Lady who has no idea what went wrong with their marriage.

Forty-nine-year old widow Ruby Hudson, the former First Lady of the United States, needs a fresh start. As she mourns the loss of her husband, she turns her love of books into a whole new career, opening a little bookshop on a charming, pirate-themed island called Shipwreck Key just off the coast of the Florida Panhandle. Her two daughters think she’s crazy, but Ruby can finally breathe again knowing that she’ll never have to deal with the constant scrutiny and pressure that come with a high-profile life in the White House.

Just as she’s beginning to feel at home on Shipwreck Key, Ruby receives a visit from her husband’s former Chief of Staff: a tell-all biography about her husband’s presidency — and about their marriage — is in the works, and the author is none other than Dexter North, a young, hot, serious journalist with another scandalous book about a different President’s misdeeds already on the bestseller lists. Ruby worries that the book will destroy her husband’s legacy — not to mention her life — and she realizes that the only way to control the narrative is to cooperate with Dexter North.

Then, without warning, the President’s mistress shows up on the island with their son. Ruby doesn’t want to meet or talk to this woman, and when her late husband’s lover gives her a mysterious letter that he wrote for Ruby before his death, she’s conflicted: open it and possibly find out what he had to say to her, or ignore it and live the rest of her life not knowing what was going on in his mind?

Can Ruby use the information in the letter to find the closure she so desperately needs, or will the President’s betrayals haunt her for the rest of her life? Can a former First Lady ever really have a second act?

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