With all the beeswax cleaned and ready to be made into spiffy lotion bars and lip balms, I am at a bit of a loss as to what I want to do with it all. I am stuck on peppermint lip balm and lavender or vanilla lotion bars. Can you guys help me out a bit and let me know what lip balm or lotion scents are your favorite? I spent a good 45 minutes smelling organic oils, and after a while I just got a headache. To me nothing smells better than peppermint or lavender. I see a lot of fancy combinations of oils, but which ones are actually liked and used? I am so stuck in my ways. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Viral Intent: Terror in New Orleans (Alexandra Destephano Book 3)
by Judith Lucci, Margaret Daly
4.6 Stars (105 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Romance

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The President Is In New Orleans, And a Deadly Virus Is On The Loose

While the President and members of Congress visit the Big Easy for a political convention, an unidentified killer virus is wreaking havoc in the Crescent City emergency room. Physicians are baffled, hospital staff frightened, and the CDC is en route to assist.

Death Strikes Close To The Commander In Chief

When the first death from the mysterious virus is a Secret Service agent guarding the President, a terrorist attack is feared. Matters get worse with the murder of a prominent politician in the French Quarter. Alex and Jack must learn to play well with the CDC, FBI, and Secret Service and enlist the help of the enemy to save the streets of New Orleans from disaster.

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Rooms Need Doors: A Novel About Secrets In A Dysfunction Family, Based On A True Story
by Sisi Meir
4.2 Stars (24 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Historical Fiction | Biographical | Literary Fiction

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Her decision will change the fate of the entire family.

Tiki and her family left Iraq and immigrated to Israel in order to start a new and better life in the beating heart of the new Jewish state. But life as new immigrants in a new state is hard!

Tiki grows up in a dysfunctional family; her father is violent, her mother is struggling to make ends meet and Sami, her revered big brother, seems lost since they left their homeland.

Sami serves as a role model for her. He takes care of her, helps with her studies, and plays with her. But everything changes dramatically when Sami starts to use his power and exploit the innocent Tiki.

When she gets a unique opportunity to change her fate, Tiki finds out new details about her family that might affect her decision, as well as her life forever.

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The Loss of What We Never Had
by Carolyn Thorman
3.0 Stars (2 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers

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New York Times Book Review says, “Ms. Thorman’s characters would be prickly… but she makes them intriguing and sympathetic.”

Paige Glasgow, an American psychiatrist visiting Spain, discovers the decapitated head of a Muslim woman on the beach. Is the work of jihadists? the Sons of the Emir? Or a hate crime perpetrated by the Knights of Constancia, Catholic terrorists hell-bent on reviving the Inquisition. Against her better judgement, Paige enters into an abusive relationship with a seductive officer of the Knights, making herself a player in the centuries-old conflict between Muslims and Christians.

The Pope is to attend the dedication ceremony of a statue of the Virgin within sight of the Moroccan coast. The jihadists threaten bombs. The Knights retaliate by kidnapping HAMID, an imam’s child. Growing attached to the infant, Paige refuses to return him to the jihadists. With fire and guns the ceremony becomes a killing zone. Only the Pope has the power to resolve the hostilities. His actions will change her life, challenge her relationships and faith… Can she live with whatever he decides?

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WARCHILD: Omnibus Edition (Post Apocalyptic Survival Fiction)
by Ernie Lindsey
4.3 Stars (59 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Women’s Fiction | Science Fiction

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All Caroline Mathers wanted was a chance to make her own way. War will force her to make history.

In this post apocalyptic landscape marred by never-ending rain, life is calm, sometimes even okay, as long as you can find food to eat, have a roof over your head, and steer clear of the roving bands of marauders and thieves.

But what Caroline and her people don’t realize is that across a distant mountain, a bigger problem arises, a sinister plot is forming, and an army grows in strength.

They’ll need a hero… One that doesn’t know just how strong she really is.

*** INCLUDES ***

Warchild: Pawn

Don’t ask me how or why the world ended, because I can’t tell you.

Society collapsed long before Caroline Mathers was born.

As an enlisted army scout, her duty is to patrol the surrounding forests and warn the citizens of her tiny outpost if danger is near. It’s usually a quiet life…

… until the day she hears the terrifying beat of distant war drums echoing throughout their valley.

Something long suspected, but never believed, is finally happening. An invasion is coming.

Nothing less than the power of a timeworn legend can save Caroline’s people now. Or so she thinks, because there are whispers of an ancient prophecy…

“And a girl shall lead them.”


Warchild: Judas | Warchild: Pawn

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The Mediterranean Diet Cookbook: 101 Easy Recipe for Weight Loss. 7 – Day Diet Simple Nutrition Plan PLUS 25 Tips to The Recipes & Healthiest Foods
by Publishing House ZNAKOVAN
4.9 Stars (44 Reviews)
Genre: Health, Fitness & Dieting | Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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The Mediterranean diet is one of the healthiest foods in the world. It doesn’t require tremendous effort and a complete change to your diet. It helps people suffering from certain diseases.

It is recommended that people with high cholesterol and diabetes. Scientists also found that this diet contributes to a successful pregnancy. This is a food style that has been around for centuries. It is about a healthy way to lose weight and new taste experiences.

Mediterranean cuisine is a community of cultural heritage of the Mediterranean countries.

The Mediterranean diet shouldn’t be confused with the cuisine of this region. Among traditional dishes, there are a lot of high-calorie and pleasant ones, but we will turn your attention to products with low-calorie content, these are vegetables and fruit snacks, meat, and seafood, diet drinks. The diet contains basic meals and healthy snacks.

Experts advise the Mediterranean diet to everyone who wants to lose weight. There are no specific terms and clear restrictions; duration is also not limited. The menu does not require any rejections of food, the use of dubious medicines or nutritional supplements, but also does not promise quick weight loss within a week.

You can make your Mediterranean diet menu. To do this, you have a 7-day diet simple nutrition plan, 101 recipes to choose from, and 25 tips for the recipes.

What will we talk about in this book ?

Where did The Mediterranean Diet Come From? Why is it Effective?

The Rules of The Mediterranean Diet

Mediterranean Diet Menu for a Week Recipes

Mediterranean Diet Menu for a Week, the Rules

Mediterranean Diet: Recipes for Weight Loss

Mediterranean Breakfast

Salads – Mediterranean Kitchen

Soups – Mediterranean Cuisine- Low-Calorie Food

Mediterranean Recipes Main Dishes

Mediterranean Recipes for Sauces and Marinades

Snacks – Mediterranean Cuisine

Drinks, Mediterranean Cuisine

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