This quarantine has given me a few gifts that I wasn’t expecting. The first being precious time with my family that I am truly grateful for. It has also given me time to discover the crazy creatures in my backyard. I planted the flower beds with bee and butterfly attracting plants and so far it hasn’t disappointed. What I was not even thinking about, was all the other cool bugs it would attract. The fat fuzzy, and very territorial, bumble bees, crazy colorful beetles, and the funny little spiders that I visit everyday in the same spot, lunging at tiny flies that happen to get within reach. I found a cluster of eggs under a wisteria leaf, that I have no clue what they are, but good or bad, I am excited to find out who they are. One egg just hatched and it looks like a caterpillar of some sort.  I have to go to Target today for pet food, so I will pick up a magnifying glass to get a better look. I also noticed the lady bug population exploded, so they had eggs somewhere amongst the foxgloves. Unfortunately the foxgloves were being taken over by aphids, so I bought a package of ladybugs to help clear them out. YUCK!! Some bugs are cool, others not so much.

Open Secret (FBI Joint Task Force Series Book 1)
by Fiona Quinn
4.7 Stars (54 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Literature & Fiction

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280 characters can destroy a nation.

USA Today bestselling author Fiona Quinn pens a romantic suspense thriller where social media is weaponized.

The rules of the game have changed.

Avery Goodyear, a romance editor from the suburbs, becomes a player in an international game of psychological warfare.

Russia is playing mind games.

The FBI watches the attacks unfold in real time. The enemy’s strategy: win hearts and minds to destroy American unity. The FBI focuses their secret weapon, ex-Army Ranger Rowan Kennedy, at the crisis. With a PhD in propaganda, Kennedy risks his life to expose the wealthy oligarchs and high-powered schemers threatening our way of life, and to protect Avery.

To beat the enemy at their own game, Rowan and Avery must break the rules.

It only complicates things that they’re falling in love.

The game is on. The set is in play. Who will win the match?

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A Crack In The Door
by Helen Ryan
4.4 Stars (26 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Family Life | Literary Fiction

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Colm Lowe is an artist, a watercolourist, specialising in birds. His life with his wife, Maggie, changes when he moves from London’s suburbs to a house in Devon overlooking the Exe estuary. It changes even more, and not for the better, when Maggie’s father, Jack, a widower, comes to live with them.

Struggling under the pressures of caring for Jack, Maggie and Colm begin to see each other differently. Cracks appear in their marriage.

When Jack asks Colm to help him die, Colm glimpses freedom and decides to oblige by leaving Jack to drown in the bath. But it’s not that simple. Mercy killing, practised without a manual, is not an exact science.

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DRAGON’S GAP: (Book 1) A Fantasy Paranormal Romance Series: Reighn & Sage’s Story (DRAGON’S GAP SERIES)
by L.M. Lacee
3.6 Stars (61 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Parenting & Relationships

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The Witch and Her Dragon Lord Change Destiny.

Dragon Lord Reighn, a fire dragon, the most feared and strongest of all dragons and the leader of a dying society.

Reighn had no idea when he woke one morning what the day was about to deliver. For a thousand years he had waited for his shadow and by the end of the day he would not only have his long desired mate but TWO YOUNG DAUGHTERS as well!

Something that was never meant to be, Sage, an improbability in a world of impossibilities, was a half witch, half wolf, also the leader of the shifter retrieval teams now living with her new family at Dragon’s Gap.

Sage was woken one morning with the frightening news her daughter had been kidnapped. One thing the inhabitants of Dragon’s Gap should have known you never steal from a witch or stand between a wolf and her child!

Sage had no idea when she went looking for her daughter she would also find her mate. Reighn the Dragon Lord.

When Reighn takes Sage as his shadow it signals great change for Dragon’s Gap. Dragons will no longer sit on the edge of extinction, shifters will save the dragons as they find their shadows amid the new inhabitants of Dragon’s Gap.

Unexpectedly with the return of the Elementals bringing the news Magic has returned to Earth therefore signalling the return of all magical beings.

Reighn pledges dragon kind to be the shield for the Elementals. To render their justice. To protect the world from those that wish to corrupt and subjugate earth.

Excerpts from Dragon’s Gap Book 1 (An Alpha Female Dragon Shifter Romance)

Sage demanded before the great doors made from the hardest iron wood that had withheld marauding armies with battering rams, blew apart like kindling.

Reighn, the Dragon Lord has at last found his soul shadow, an improbability a half witch half wolf.”

Sage, saw the hole, saw the never ending abyss and still she jumped feet first into love as a shifter, instinct drove her mating or at least the willingness to chance a mating, her witch side recognized power and felt the draw of spirits as they met, melded and entwined forever to be bonded together throughout eternity.
Reighn states his ultimatum to the stubborn Dragon Kind.
I am your Lord.
The Lord of all Dragons!
That has not changed.
I have already said this once this week but it bears repeating.
You have no voice here.
You have no rights here.
The only voice that matters is mine!
The only rights you have are the ones I allow you.
As of now I have removed all your privileges.
You will comply or you will be banished.
There is no other option.
“You have twenty four hours to decide. If in that time you have not sworn fealty to me and the dragon nation I will decide for you. Make no mistake, this is going to happen. With or without you. Now I suggest you go home and make your decisions.”

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The McCoys Before The Feud: A Western Novel (Book 1)
by Thomas McCoy
4.4 Stars (61 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Friendship | Classics | Fantasy

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A corrupt general. A stockpile of plundered Southern riches. Can a proud family reclaim the gold for its rightful owners?

Kansas-Missouri border, 1865. Tommy McCoy burns for justice. Reeling from the end of the bloody Civil War, he learns that a corrupt Northern general has raided the bounty of the Confederacy and plans to keep it. Tommy and his shrewd father vow to get back the valuables for innocent Southern families or die trying.

With time running out before the general’s reinforcements arrive, Tommy risks a deadly confrontation in a series of secret raids. Can he secure the rightful Confederate property before the North deals the McCoys a final crushing blow?

The McCoys: Before the Feud is the first book in a deeply-researched historical Western saga. If you like dusty battles, a different point of view on yesteryear, and twists you won’t see coming, then you’ll love Thomas A. McCoy’s gripping tale of justice for the people.

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Loving Kate (Silver Bay series Book 2)
by Lara Van Hulzen
4.6 Stars (24 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Romance | Contemporary Fiction | Religious & Inspirational Fiction

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Kate MacIntire is determined to live life on her own terms. No muss, no fuss. But when motorcycle riding, free spirit Jack Harden enters the picture, she has no choice but to reconsider.

Moving from Boston to the charming town of Silver Bay, California was supposed to be Kate’s fresh start from a painful past relationship, and she’s happy with the life she’s building for herself. Order and structure, just the way her somewhat-control-freak self likes it. Until Jack.

Never one to turn down an adventure or a challenge, Jack wants nothing more than to see Kate let loose and embrace the carefree woman she used to be.

But when her past catches up with them, can loving Kate be enough for Jack to break through the walls she’s built to protect herself?

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