I bought myself a new food processor. I have never owned a food processor before, but I am hoping that it will encourage me to cook more. It’s a new theory that I am testing. Maybe all this time my bad cooking wasn’t my fault, maybe I just didn’t have the right tools. It’s nothing fancy, but I think it will do the job. I bought it four days ago and it is still sitting in the box next to my desk. It’s the perfect height to put my feet up on. TODAY! Today I will take it out of the box, clean it, and find a recipe. I gotta start off strong with this thing. Maybe I should make a butternut squash soup. That is my favorite soup this time of the year. Oh gosh. There is a lot of pressure here that I didn’t even think about. If I don’t make something fabulous the first time, I wont use it again. I will never be able to clean it good enough and get all the pieces to fit back in the box to return to the store. This is a huge commitment. (deep breaths). OH MY!

Without Warning: The Jake Hunt Series
by Jed Hart
5.0 Stars (1 Review)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Literature & Fiction

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Jake Hunt wants the same as most men, a good woman, interesting work, a home, and children. But Jake is not every man. As an aviation adviser for a global oil company, he no longer has any business with terrorists, but they have business with him. A kidnap, an insurgent attack, and an abduction, and Jake finds himself back at war. As the unwanted drama unfolds, impacting his co-worker and new-found love Nicole Roswell, Jake gets angry. Nicole finds her ideas of right and wrong are tested to the limit, and she realises her charming and thoughtful man is an incorrigible risk taker.

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Where There’s Smoke (Sugar Mountain Book 2)
by Kirsten Fullmer
4.2 Stars (59 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Mystery, Thriller & Suspense | Mystery

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A picturesque mountain town, sparks of romance, a threatening mystery, and a secret society of devious women…

“Wonderful characters, a real mix of women with varied strength and foibles” -Goodreads review 5 stars

“I loved the first book in the Sugar Mountain series so I was excited to read the second installment and get back to investigating with the Sugar Mountain Ladies Historical Society” – Goodreads review 5 stars

The cozy community of Sugar Mountain, NC harbors a secret society of women. The society itself is not secret — it’s the actual mission of the group that is devious.

Sugar Mountain is a sleepy town bursting with tourists. If you like quirky shops and original artwork, you’ll want to visit. But the local kindergarten teacher, Sarah, has a mystery on her hands. All she did was try to help the fire department and now she’s receiving threatening notes. Of course, she takes the frightening messages to her friends in the Sugar Mountain Ladies Historical Society, but even their investigative skills fall short. How will they be able to find the person intent on holding back the fire department and frightening Sarah?

Hugh Brockman, the second in command at the firehouse, is taking extra shifts to cope with the shortage of firefighters. When he visits Sarah’s classroom to talk to her students about fire safety, he gets caught up with the lovely teacher and her cryptic mystery. He’s not happy that someone in town is threatening her with bodily harm, and he intends to find out who it is.

With every lead shot down and tensions running high, it’s up to the ladies of the society to go undercover in their own town to flush out the culprit. If they’re not successful, the fire department will continue to be undermanned, leaving Sugar Mountain is in danger and Sarah in peril.

Join in the continuing antics of the Sugar Mountain Ladies Historical Society and fall in love along with Hugh and Sarah in this heartfelt and comical romantic mystery.

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Intrusion (A Relative Invasion Book 2)
by Rosalind Minett
4.4 Stars (54 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | Literature & Fiction | Literary Fiction

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Lonely Billy’s excitement at having a playmate turns to dismay. Frail, artistic Kenneth is hideously devious, Uncle Frank is an outright bully and Billy’s parents fail to see further than Kenneth’s porcelain looks to his darker soul. Those very emotions that enable Hitler’s rise – envy over strength, desire for new territory – now ferment in the Wilson home.

Only his secret sighting of a precious Cossack sabre can comfort Billy by imagining he has its power.

As war becomes a reality, this becomes an icon that sustains Billy through evacuation and hardship, but is it destined to damage as well as protect?

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The Power of Six: A Collection of Science Fiction/Speculative Fiction Short Stories (Exciting Destinies Book 1)
by Amos M. Carpenter, Nicholas C. Rossis
4.4 Stars (58 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Short Stories | Science Fiction | Fantasy

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What Would You Do If You Met Your God?

The Perfect Read For Your Commuting

Fans of Philip K. Dick and Asimov have a new collection of short stories to enjoy. The law of unintended consequences meets Murphy’s law during a man’s unexpected time travel. A grizzled veteran meets his god. And a loner discovers just how far he’d go to alleviate his loneliness.

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Two Gun Troubadour
by Mason Macrae
3.9 Stars (16 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Westerns | Romance

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Odette Rivers is looking for revenge. And she’s going to need a partner…

When a gang of Mexican bandits attack the Rivers’ ranch, they get more than they bargained for, with every last one of them left for dead.

But just as the last of the attackers hits the ground, Old Man Rivers takes a hit.

Orphaned and alone, Odette Rivers vows to avenge her father’s death by any means possible.

The young girl’s gun slinging might be enough to take down the bandits, but when it comes to the villainous ringleader Don Esteban, she’s going to need some help.

And there’s only one man for the job – Jacal Jim.

She doesn’t like him, but she sure as hell needs him by her side if she’s any hope of taking down Don Esteban.

Famous across the lands for his bloodthirsty ways, how will she convince the handsome bounty hunter to help her?

It’s up to Odette’s wily alter ego, Kid Lucifer, to convince him.

All across the border country, Odette and Jim play a dangerous game of cat and mouse, almost meeting their end on more than one occasion.

The country is treacherous, but on their journey an unlikely romance starts to blossom.

Until finally, they come face to face with their enemy…

In the final showdown, has this improbable duo finally met their match?

What will become of the sinister Don Esteban?

Can one girl overcome the most powerful man in the West?

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