The Kenya Kanga Mystery series by Victoria Tait is set in Kenya where she lived, with her family, for 8 years. Silver-haired amateur sleuth, and community vet, Mama Rose is drawn into murder investigations which she solves with the help of her diverse team of friends. Readers feel the heat of the sun, the taste of dust in the air and majesty of Kenya’s wildlife and scenery, as they follow the twists and turns of these whodunits. Enjoy!

Fowl Murder: A Cozy Murder Mystery with a Silver-Haired Amateur Sleuth (A Kenya Kanga Mystery Book 1)
by Victoria Tait
4.3 Stars (41 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction

Mama Rose’s peaceful existence shatters when a childhood friend returns, and reopens a case where she pulled the trigger. When her friend is murdered, Rose must brave blackmail and corruption to catch a killer before she becomes the next victim.

Community vet “Mama Rose” Hardie is enjoying her golden years in Kenya, taking care of local animals and wildlife, and supporting her disabled husband. But her peace of mind shatters when a forgotten confidant returns and reawakens a tragedy she’d rather forget. With her memories of a poacher’s shocking death flooding back, she barely catches her breath before her childhood friend is brutally murdered.

Putting aside her husband’s concerns for her safety, our reluctant heroine is persuaded to help the victim’s son solve the crime. But when the lead suspect is killed, Rose’s plans for a peaceful life end up dead and buried…

As her own traumatic history unravels, and past and present collide, can she solve a deadly mystery before she runs out of time?

Fowl Murder is the first book in the compelling Kenya Kanga Mystery series. If you like determined heroines, unpredictable twists and turns, and vivid African settings, then you’ll love Victoria Tait’s pulse-pounding tale.

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Tusk Justice: An Enthralling Cozy Murder Mystery (A Kenya Kanga Mystery Book 2)
by Victoria Tait
4.9 Stars (15 Reviews)
Genre: World Literature | Travel | Mystery

An international wildlife conference. A murdered keynote speaker. Can an elderly amateur sleuth solve the case before she becomes an endangered species?

Community vet ‘Mama Rose’ Hardie is passionate about saving elephants in her native Kenya. She attends a wildlife conference with her ailing husband. But things turn sour when a world-renowned conservationist is found brutally stabbed to death.

With the authorities tied up in Nairobi, Rose sets out to bring the killer in herself. But with multiple suspects all hiding secrets and scandalous truths surrounding the victim, the culprit may be too slippery for the aged amateur detective to handle.

Can Mama Rose trap the murderer before she ends up as the next target?

Tusk Justice is the second book in the thrilling Kenya Kanga Mysteries series. If you like quirky characters, lush African locales, and a love of animals, then you’ll adore Victoria Tait’s adventurous whodunit.

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Rhino Charge: A Gripping Cozy Murder Mystery (A Kenya Kanga Mystery Book 3)
by Victoria Tait
4.5 Stars (20 Reviews)
Genre: World Literature | Women’s Fiction | Holidays

A treacherous race to stop an extinction. A mysterious death linked to the past. Can a silver-haired sleuth track down the clues in time to save a life?

‘Mama Rose’ Hardie has always fought to conserve Kenya’s precious wildlife. Officiating at an off-road fundraising race in the iconic Maasai Mara, she’s shocked when a vehicle crash claims the life of a friend. And worse still, this was no accident…

When another friend is accused of plotting a deadly sabotage, the clever amateur sleuth vows to clear his name. But with motives between teams reaching deep into an unfortunate past, the determined woman must work fast to track down the wily killer. .

Can Rose catch the culprit before more lives are endangered?

Rhino Charge is the thrilling third tale in the Kenya Kanga cozy mystery series. If you like sharp heroines, suspenseful reveals, and iconic African settings, then you’ll love Victoria Tait’s breathtaking story.

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Jackal & Hide: A Compassionate Cozy Murder Mystery (A Kenya Kanga Mystery Book 4)
by Victoria Tait
4.7 Stars (5 Reviews)
Genre: History | Women’s Fiction | Mystery

Limited time. A murderer hiding in plain sight. Can she crack the deadly puzzle without breaking her own heart?

Mama Rose’ Hardie just wants to make her ailing husband comfortable. So she puts aside her dedication to wildlife and community and whisks him off to a luxury lodge for a breathtaking getaway. But when a guest enters the bush and never returns, Rose is torn between remaining at her partner’s side and her fears for the woman’s plight.

Shocked when the missing person is found strangled to death, Rose struggles to balance her priorities when her husband takes a serious fall and ends up in the hospital. And with her estranged son demanding she stay by her husband’s bedside, the anxious investigator worries the killer may escape into the grassland…

Can Mama Rose solve the murder before time is cut short?

Jackal & Hide is the page-turning fourth novel in the Kenya Kanga cozy mystery series. If you like clever whodunits, captivating scenery, and deeply personal themes, then you’ll love Victoria Tait’s enthralling tale.

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