Hubby wants me to run errands with him right now. I am thinking now would be a good time to use one of my three yearly temper tantrums to keep from having to go. I run errands all the time. I don’t want to run his errands with him. I will let you know how this pans out for me. First I gotta do some stretches to warm up my muscles, so I can put on a full tantrum. Don’t want to pull a muscle!

Agent of Time: A Time Travel Thriller (In Times Like These)
by Nathan Van Coops
4.2 Stars (805 Reviews)
Genre: Science Fiction | Crime Fiction | Action & Adventure

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How do you race a clock that runs backward?

Special Agent Stella York watched a man die in the middle of the Interstate. But he didn’t stay dead for long…

When a rookie FBI agent is tasked with solving a series of bizarre murders, her case is going nowhere. The evidence is contradictory, the timeline is impossible, and if she doesn’t solve it now, the killer will become unstoppable.

Agent of Time is a mind-bending multiverse thriller. If you like twisting time travel and heroes who won’t quit, you’ll love this novella length adventure in the world of In Times Like These.

Download. Read. Rewind.

Start your next adventure today, because yesterday may be too late.

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Sold on You (Riding Tall 2 Book 5)
by Cheyenne McCray
4.4 Stars (195 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

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Charlee Burke is stuck on a deserted country road, just as a dangerous Christmas snowstorm begins to churn above her. With the storm coming, the closest person she knows she can call is the all-too-sexy-for-his-own-good Ace McBride — the last person on earth she wants to call.

When Charlee’s name pops up on his phone, Ace is pleased, but surprised. As much as he teases her, and as mad as she gets at him, he figures she’s got to be pretty desperate. Sure enough, she’s in need of rescuing, and he’s happy to be her white knight. He’s always had a thing for Charlee, but he knows her history. He plans to show her he’s a man who can be trusted, and she can count on him. But her heart’s been shielded a long time.

Charlee’s been afraid of relationships since a man ran a con on her to get to her inheritance. He ripped apart her life, and she doesn’t believe she’ll ever be able to fully trust her instincts after that terrible experience.

With the storm coming in fast and hard, Charlee’s cabin is the closest shelter. The weather report says the blizzard will last for several days and they will be closed in together over the Christmas holiday. She’s not sure she can survive being trapped in such close quarters with Ace for that long. Alone. Ace is determined to win her heart. Charlee is determined to never go down that path again.

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Hunter Killer
by Harry McCallion
4.4 Stars (161 Reviews)
Genre: War | Suspense

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A man, alone and exhausted, with a deep gash on his temple, has a bullet wound that has robbed him of his memory.

He learns his name is Fraser and within moments, he realises he is being relentlessly hunted by an unknown number of trained, armed men.

He doesn’t know why he’s running or who he is fighting against but within moments of coming to, he has killed the first of his attackers.

Already, he is a ruthless Hunter Killer.

The Scottish glen confines him in danger, mystery and confusion and he is haunted by the face of a beautiful woman and memories of past conflicts.

He remembers that someone has given him the skills to survive and the ability to kill anyone who stands in his way…

Meanwhile Detective Galbraith is looking into the attacks surrounding this group of armed men.

Their leader, Braxton, is keen to put him off their trail before he learns too much…

Fraser is confused and in danger, Galbraith is unsure of who to trust and Braxton is desperate and dangerous: a lethal combination.

When the three collide, there’s no knowing what will happen or who will come out alive…

And can Fraser ever figure out who he really is?

A born ‘Hunter Killer’?

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Night of the Shadow Moon: An Epic Fantasy Adventure (The Furyck Saga Book 3)
by A.E. Rayne
4.7 Stars (624 Reviews)
Genre: Historical Fiction | Fantasy

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Jael’s desperation to save Eadmund from Evaine’s spell leads her back to the place of her nightmares, where she quickly discovers that she is trapped, and The Following is closing in.

In Hest, Jaeger is hungry for power and vengeance, making an enemy of Berard, who is forced to confront the truth of what his brother has become as he tries to save Meena from Jaeger’s clutches.

Determined to exact his long-dreamed-of revenge, Ivaar plots his return to Oss to destroy Eadmund and capture the throne at last.

On the road again, Aleksander is visited in his dreams by the Widow, but will he heed her warnings in time?

And as furious storms batter Osterland, and the kingdoms scramble to protect themselves from familiar enemies, the true danger emerges from the shadows, ready to destroy them all…

Note: This book contains adult themes and mature content

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A Promise Kept: A Rick Carnes Cozy Mystery
by David Bishop
4.4 Stars (153 Reviews)
Genre: Family Life | Mystery

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Sergeant Edmund Jones died saving the life of Captain Rick Carnes. His last request, “Please, Captain, help my family they’ve got troubles.”

Rick Carnes musters out of the U.S. Army a few weeks later. Determined to keep that promise, he heads for Angels Camp, California. A town, the chief of police calls Peyton Place West.

In this twisty cozy mystery, Rick uncovers the real story behind the Jones’ family troubles, solves a murder, and makes new friends. Along the way, he may have found the woman of his dreams, and perhaps a new career.

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