Yesterday was my first day of being sick, and I am pretty sure my worst. My whole body ached so bad that anyone who got near me was snapped at. I was GROUCHY. This morning sure isn’t a walk in the park, but at least I feel a little better. The bugs and plants in the garden will get another day off from me. I will try to get out there and check to see if there are any Monarch caterpillars. I see them fluttering around the garden, and some even look like they are laying eggs. That has been going on for a week now, but I have yet to find any caterpillars. I would be disappointed, but the Swallowtails have been laying a lot of eggs on the dill, and I have gathered 13 caterpillars so far. Not too shabby!

Murder on the SS Rosa: a 1920s cozy historical mystery – an introductory novella (A Ginger Gold Mystery Book 1)
by Lee Strauss
4.3 Stars (2,353 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Historical Fiction

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From a USA TODAY Bestselling author, the first book in the acclaimed Ginger Gold Mystery series.

Murder’s a pain in the bow!

It’s 1923 and war widow fashionista Ginger Gold (a former British Secret Service Agent) makes a cross-Atlantic journey from Boston to London, England with her lovable Boston terrier and good friend, Nurse Higgins. When the ship’s captain is found dead in a most intriguing fashion, Ginger is only too happy to lend her assistance to the handsome Chief Inspector Basil Reed. Wearing her Italian T-strap shoes and pretty cloche hat she must outwit the killer before she finds herself in a deadly pickle!

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Researching for the Ginger Gold Mysteries has been so much fun. I hope you sense that as you read. Ginger Gold is smart, savvy, and delightful. The fashions, the dances, the CRIME. The character of Haley Higgins, a medical student at the London Medical School for Women allows me to further delve into another keen interest of mine: forensics. Never fear, the Ginger Gold Mysteries are COZY, so no scary, graphic on-stage violence. You’ll find these books to be clean reads, with no swearing or sex. I hope you enjoy the Ginger Gold Mystery series!

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Gods of Blood and Bone: A Science Fiction GameLit Novel (Seeds of Chaos Book 1)
by Azalea Ellis
4.4 Stars (369 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Science Fiction

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Injecting the blood of an alien god will give you amazing powers…
If you live.

They injected me with a VR chip, a GPS tracker, and my first Seed. They gave me unbelievable powers.

Then they sent me to fight.

The monsters here are alien and vicious. There is a second moon in the sky. I watched a tree start moving and kill someone. And the other Players… ?

They’re even worse.

I’m alone. I’m weak. And I’m scared. But I will cling to life by the tips of my bloody fingernails.

Who is behind this twisted game? Where are they sending us? Is there anyone I can trust?

If I want to survive, I have to get stronger. But can I do it before the Game kills me?

Gods of Blood and Bone is the first book in a dark and deliciously violent adventure series that combines science fiction, fantasy, and game elements. You’ll love Gods of Blood and Bone because of the electrifying action, flawed characters, and kick-ass heroine.

Buy Gods of Blood and Bone now and start the series that will keep you up all night reading.

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The Last Storm
by Sam Sisavath
4.5 Stars (257 Reviews)
Genre: Suspense | Horror

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The storm of the century. A ghost city. Law enforcement all but suspended.

Hurricane Matthew is a force to be reckoned with. It has been forecasted to drown the city of Houston in an unrelenting torrent of rain. In the days before its arrival, the city was evacuated, leaving behind only a skeleton police force and civilians unable to flee its destructive path.

It’s the perfect time and the perfect place for the perfect crime.

Richter has it all figured out. A professional with years of experience, he leads a group of similar professionals that have seen and done it all. The plan goes down without a hitch, just as Richter envisioned. It’s everything else that goes off the rails.

Forced to seek refuge in an abandoned apartment building to wait out the storm, Richter crosses paths with a police officer and her partner. They think they’re each other’s worst enemies, but they’re wrong. Very wrong. There is a creature of endless hunger waiting in the shadows, and it’s ready to feed.

Good guys? Bad guys? None of it matters tonight.

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Lighting Candles in the Snow
by Karen Jones Gowen
3.6 Stars (55 Reviews)
Genre: Contemporary Fiction | Literary Fiction

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Newly divorced Karoline London needs to heal and find her normal again, as older sister Suzie keeps reminding her. But what does Suzie, married to the ideal husband, know about the shattering effect of living with someone tormented by addictions?

When Karoline meets a handsome new man, things just might be looking up. Until the day she learns about a tragic event in ex-husband Jeremy’s childhood.

Faced with the horrifying experience that shaped the man she used to love, Karoline reconsiders what she thought was real. In the process, she comes to know the true meaning of love and forgiveness.

(Caution: Due to the serious themes in Lighting Candles in the Snow it, unlike Gowen’s other work, contains some profanity as well as scenes that may be too graphic for some readers.)

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The Apache Jack Trilogy: Geronimo’s Wars
by Brent Reilly
4.9 Stars (313 Reviews)
Genre: Westerns | Historical Fiction

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BOOK 1: In 1843, when the Millers stole a secret gold mine in New Mexico, everyone wanted to kill them — especially Geronimo. Hatred here is a way of life, but war with Mexico looms, complicating survival. In a lawless time, in a brutal land, where murder is just a popular career, Jack Miller will do anything to take what he can and kill who he must. The legend born amid that bloody landscape will forever transform the Wild West.
BOOK 2: California’s Gold Rush found a mountain of minerals and a wealth of cutthroats. When bandits kill Robby Miller, Apache Jack must lure out his cousin’s killers. Then Nevada’s Comstock Lode explodes and Jack must impose peace before he marries Geronimo’s lost daughter. Finally, the Civil War breaks out and the Apache Wars intensify. Through it all, Apache Jack plans vengeance on Geronimo for murdering his mother.
BOOK 3: Geronimo wants to die fighting, Billy the Kid wants the last laugh, and Wyatt Earp wants vengeance for his brother’s murder. The Lincoln County War, the Cochise County War, and the Pleasant Valley War keep Apache Jack busy while outlaws fill Tombstone’s Boot Hill. Jack has waited 35 years to get even with Geronimo for murdering his mother, and plans to make it worth the wait.

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Wok Cookbook: Wok Cooking with Delicious Wok Recipes (2nd Edition)
by BookSumo Press
4.1 Stars (94 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Put that Wok to work.

Come take a journey with us into the delights of easy cooking. The point of this cookbook and all our cookbooks is to exemplify the effortless nature of cooking simply.

In this book we focus on Wok. Wok Cookbook is a complete set of simple but very unique Wok recipes. You will find that even though the recipes are simple, the tastes are quite amazing.

So will you join us in an adventure of simple cooking?

Here is a Preview of the Wok Recipes You Will Learn:

• Japanese Inspired Shrimp

• Ginger Tofu

• Chicken Tikka Masala

• Korma Vegetarian Edition

• Indian Style Curry Chicken

• Indian Curried Red Lentils

• Makhani (Indian Butter Chicken II)

• Indian Style Curry Chickpeas

• Japanese Eggplants

• Basmati Chicken Stir Fry Spears

• Cashew Chicken Breasts Stir Fry

• Roasted Nutty Chicken Stir Fry

• Plum Peanut and Chicken Stir Fry

• Beginners’ Creamy Chicken Stir Fry

• Italian Bell Chicken Stir Fry

• Oriental Chili Chicken and Ramen Stir Fry

• Corny Grilled Chicken Stir Fry

• A Texas-Mexican Stir Fry

• Curried Apple and Raisins Fried Rice

• Seafood Sampler Fried Rice

• Hawaiian Fried Rice II

• Ramen Noodle Beef Remix

• Italian Ramen

• Full Ramen Breakfast

• Ramen Noodle Wok

• Beef and Broccoli with Ramen Squares

• Japanese Ramen

• Southwest Ramen

• Tangerine Chicken Stir Fry

• Grilled Chicken Stir Fry Linguine

• Much, much more!

Again remember these recipes are unique so be ready to try some new things. Also remember that the style of cooking used in this cookbook is effortless. So even though the recipes will be unique and great tasting, creating them will take minimal effort!

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