One thing that I really really hate about Fall is the stupid flies. The flies are around all year, but for some reason they decided to get extra annoying once Fall arrives. I don’t even understand them. Why on Earth do they insist on buzzing around my head? I have nothing for them, except maybe a headache when I smack them. I am sure I burn my daily requirement of calories waving my arms around in the air trying to get them away from me. I am almost 100% positive their only purpose in life is to annoy humans. Well… they are great at their job. ERG!! I just realized their are no flies at Costco, and they leave their doors wide open all year long. Well now I am curious as heck.

Tarantula (John Milton Series)
by Mark Dawson
4.5 Stars (627 Reviews)
Genre: Action & Adventure | Thrillers

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Meet John Milton. He considers himself an artisan. A craftsman. His trade is murder. Milton is the man the government sends after you when everything else has failed. You wouldn’t pick him out of a crowd but you wouldn’t want to be on his list.

In this second dip into his case files, Milton is sent to Italy to investigate the death of a colleague from Group 15, the secret assassination squad that liquidates those considered to be impediments to the furtherance of British interests. Milton discovers that the agent was involved with the Camorra, the powerful Mafia clan that controls the territory from Naples to the tip of the Italian boot. He identifies the assassin as a man nicknamed Tarantula. Now Tarantula, and his boss, are entries in Milton’s ledger. And all debts need to be paid.

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The House of Paris Le Grand
by Nicholas Robinson
4.4 Stars (44 Reviews)
Genre: Holidays | Romance

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This is no ordinary bucket list though and doesn’t contain the exotic missions that you or I might want to achieve. No, Sophie’s bucket list is filled with mundane objectives that she’s never felt confident enough to brave.

Although the tasks might seem trivial to most, they do open Sophie’s eyes to a world and life she never knew existed, compel her to live new experiences, make friends and even try to find love.

The most important friend the forty-year-old makes – her first real friend in fact – is drag queen Paris Le Grand, who takes it upon himself to bring Sophie out of her shell and show her how wonderful she really is.

Sophie’s eccentric and batty mother Beryl is also always on hand to show her daughter there’s more to life than just existing. However, while her intentions usually come from a good place, they do often cause Sophie unnecessary stress and embarrassment, such as walking in unannounced on Sophie’s first ever one-night stand.

Things do kick off to a great start as Sophie scrubs tasks from the bucket list she desperately scribbled many years ago when divorcing her ex-husband, Carl. But it becomes messy when a handsome stranger enters the mix and Sophie’s dark depression resurfaces, causing her newfound confidence to recede.

For a few months, Sophie lives life as someone she never thought she could be, but when push comes to shove the question of whether she’s changed at all bubbles to the surface.

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Academy of Protectors (The Protector Guild Book 1)
by Gray Holborn
4.3 Stars (472 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Fantasy

FREE for a limited time

You know what’s annoying? Having your first real date interrupted by a werewolf and a hellhound.

I’ve lived a pretty boring, secluded life, hiding amongst humans on the outskirts of a small town. But when the demons I’ve heard stories about show up at my front door, everything changes. Suddenly, I have to trade in my quiet life for a whole new world filled with violence, secrets, and magic.

As if enrolling in The Guild wasn’t difficult enough, I’m forced to work with a team of mysterious protectors who think I’m as repulsive as the demons they’re training me to kill. They don’t seem to want me around, but I can’t deny that something beyond my control is drawing us together — even when I try to escape them, I just get pulled closer into their orbit.

Icing on the cake? For some reason, the demons I’m supposed to be hunting down are coming after me instead. Nothing about this new life is at all like how I thought it would be. If I can’t figure out who to trust and fast, I’m screwed.

Academy of Protectors is the first book in The Protector Guild series, so there will be a cliffhanger. Max’s story is a slow-burn, urban fantasy series. She will end up with multiple partners. Get ready for action, spice, and intrigue.

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Keeping Secrets (Glen Falls Mystery Book 1)
by Zanna Mackenzie
4.2 Stars (97 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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Running from her past lands Kat in a whole lot of trouble in the present!

Fleeing from her past and determined to make a fresh start, Kat heads for the picturesque town of Glen Falls. Opting to ignore the tourist hype about spooky goings-on (it’s all make believe anyway, right?), Kat gets a job in a shop selling magical candles, charms and crystals. Discovering her new boss is a real witch who actually casts spells to ward off evil, Kat starts to wonder whether running from her old life has landed her in even more trouble in the present…
With a fiery feud threatening to destroy the town, things soon get ugly and Kat wades into sleuthing mode, attempting to battle love spells, magic wrongdoings, sabotage and a whole lot more before things can spiral dangerously out of control.

Nursing a broken heart and with more than enough crazy stuff already on her plate, risking a new romantic involvement is the last thing she needs right now, but then she meets the gorgeous and mysterious Alex, a man who seems to be keeping even more secrets about his current life than Kat is about her past. She’s not stupid, she knows she should keep as far away from him as possible. Unfortunately, with circumstances beyond her control, that’s proving rather difficult to do…

Unleash some magic, mayhem and mystery into your life, grab your copy of this bewitching book and uncover the secrets everyone is keeping in spooky Glen Falls! If you love books by Kristen Painter, Amanda M Lee and Deanna Chase then take a trip to Glen Falls today…

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5 Minute Kitchen Experiments: 50 STEAM Projects for Kids Safe Enough to Taste (fun cookbooks for kids ages 4-9)
by Jenn Bell-Allen, Wolf Cub Chlo
Genre: Children’s Nonfiction | Children’s eBooks

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Kitchen STEAM projects for kids ages 5 to 9

Do you love science but are overwhelmed by all the hard-to-find materials needed for each project?

Worried about your child ingesting toxic ingredients?

Looking for a quick, fun, simple way to bond with your children that doesn’t involve screens?

Then we are a perfect match!

This 5-minute Kitchen Experiments: 50 STEAM projects for kids ages 5-9 is packed with super fun non-toxic STEM/STEAM projects safe enough to taste with simple ingredients found right in your kitchen. Each chapter is divided into science, technology, engineering, art, and math. Recipes are easy to follow, include colorful photos, introduce a new science focus word, and encourage curiosity on every page!

Fun kitchen experiments for kids include:

• Edible Meter – Each recipe is rated on whether it is completely edible, taste-safe, or non-toxic (safe enough to play with only).

• Easy stem activities for kids – age-appropriate recipes help junior scientists to form hypotheses, learn new science vocabulary, and draw conclusions with every recipe.

• Simple recipes for beginners and experts – focus on fun projects and family bonding.

• Fun taste-safe projects for kids – fun non-toxic experiments with basic materials found right in your kitchen.

• Colorful photos with every recipe – no more guessing what your experiment is actually supposed to look like.

• Bonus science and food-themed, space and science activity pages for kids – Enjoy word searches, maze puzzles, connect the dot activities, and more.

Fun, quick, and simple kids book of experiments includes taste-safe experiments that explore answers to questions such as:

– How can soda be used to blow up a balloon?

– What happens when you heat up a marshmallow in the microwave?

– How to create moon phases using chocolate cookies?

– Do raisins sink or float when added to carbonated water?

and much more

This book of STEM experiments for kids provides a fun and quick projects that keep the focus on fun family bonding, exploring, and learning with your junior scientist instead of trying to create an experiment with complicated instructions that take more time to set up than actually conduct. Spark a lifelong love for STEAM/STEM, kitchen fun, learning, creativity, and food with 5 – Minute Kitchen Experiments: 50 STEAM projects for kids ages 5-9.

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A Bounty Hunter Never Sleeps
by Ethan Westfield
4.2 Stars (329 Reviews)
Genre: Western | Literature & Fiction | History

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John Younger is a restless bounty hunter who catches even the most elusive criminals. However, his life has not always been a bed of roses. When was just a 12-year-old boy, he saved his best friend from a grisly death at the hands of the outlaw gang that killed her parents. As if that wasn’t enough, his friend was sent away to an orphanage in Denver City and John vowed to one day find the murderers and bring them to justice. Years go by and he works out a plan to shed some blood and take down those who stood in the way of his friend’s happiness. What will John be willing to risk in order to get the revenge he’s been waiting for his whole life?

Maggie McDermott is deeply traumatized by the events of that nightmarish night. Having lost all of her childhood memories–even those of her best friend, John, she can’t help but wonder whether she’ll find peace one day. That is until John shows up at her door many years after the haunting event that changed her life. He has become a successful bounty hunter and has a bold plan to recover her childhood memories. His plan involves Maggie joining him on a dangerous mission of vengeance, in order to capture the gang that destroyed her life. Will Maggie find the courage to follow this dangerous prescription to get her childhood memories back?

Even though John and Maggie haven’t seen each other for many years, their wild thirst for revenge will take them on a sprawling adventure with gunfire, romance, and a longing for justice. Will John be able to protect the girl from the most infamous outlaw gang in the West? Or will they be forced to abandon all hope for a better life once and for all?

An action-packed story, featuring complex and fascinating characters, and twists and turns that will take your breath away. A must-read for fans of Western action and romance.

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