I am not sure which is worse. The fact that I threw out my back, or that when my back is hurt I know exactly what movements I need to do to do basic things. For example: If I want to reach down and grab an item out of the lower drawer, I need to stretch my right leg out to the side, grab a wall with my left hand, say a little prayer, exhale lean forward just a smidge, groan and grab the item. Then do all that again, but in reverse to stand back up. To make myself feel better about having to do all that I call it yoga. So modern of me. I hurt my back while at the gym. I thought I was feeling great and wanted to push myself a bit. I pushed myself right into a weekend of heating pads and ice packs. Apparently I am not 20 years old anymore. Did I learn my lesson? No. Will I do it again? You betcha! Right after a few Ibuprofen, and a large cup of amnesia and a denial sanwich.

Cut, Crop & Die: Book #2 in the Kiki Lowenstein Mystery Series
by Joanna Campbell Slan
4.5 Stars (528 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery | Literature & Fiction

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In front of a meeting room full of customers and merchants, Kiki watches helplessly as a rival crafter takes one bite of a scone and goes into anaphylactic shock. Suddenly all eyes turn to Kiki Lowenstein, who was Dead Woman’s archenemy.

Just that fast, Kiki’s moment of triumph turns into a disaster.

Just when Kiki was settling into her new job, her first real career, she’s become the poster child for dead customers. But Kiki’s life isn’t all doom and gloom. On the bright side, her mother-in-law has invited her to a gala event. A spa day is in order… and that doesn’t go as planned either.

In fact, Kiki’s heart is about to smashed into a zillion tiny pieces. That dead woman was the least of poor Kiki’s problems.

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Tuk-Tuk for Two: Escape to India with two strangers, in the unforgettable race of a lifetime. (Weird Travel Book 3)
by Adam Fletcher
4.4 Stars (888 Reviews)
Genre: Travel

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“The race.” She said. “India. Were you serious… ?”

About racing a tuk-tuk one thousand kilometres through India with a woman I’d just met?

No, I wasn’t serious.

“There’s a fifty percent chance we’ll die. And the flight’s in two days. But if you want to, okay… ”

It was not a reasonable offer. But then she wasn’t a reasonable woman. She was certainly unreasonably attractive. I tried not to let that sway me, which was like a hammock deciding a tornado wouldn’t sway it.

And driving terrified me; I hadn’t done it in a decade. But if I could drive in India, I could drive anywhere. If I drive a tuk-tuk, I could drive anything. And if I said yes, I’d get to spend ten days with her. Would that be enough time to find out who she was, what she wanted, and then convince her to abandon that and want me instead?

There was only one way to find out…

The books in the Weird Travel series can be read in any order.

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They All Fall Down (A Scott Carluccio Randall Novel Book 1)
by Cat Hogan
4.3 Stars (1,213 Reviews)
Genre: Psychological | Crime Fiction | Thrillers

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Ring-a-ring o’ rosie… Someone wants to play… Who’s not playing the game?… Now Someone must pay.

Jen Harper likes to play it safe. She is settling into life on the outskirts of a sleepy fishing village with her little boy, Danny. Life by the sea – just how she wanted it.

When she meets Andy, she feels the time has come to put her baggage and the scars of the past behind her. Then she is introduced to Scott, Andy’s best friend, and is stung by his obvious disdain for her. Why is Scott so protective of his best friend? What is the dark secret that threatens all of them?

In her attempt to find answers, Jen must confront her demons and push her relationships to their limits. By digging up the past, she puts Danny and herself in danger. Will she succeed in uncovering the truth before they all fall down?

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The Last Single Girl (Brew Ha Ha #1)
by Bria Quinlan
4.4 Stars (1,199 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Contemporary Fiction | Women’s Fiction

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One month.

That’s all Sarah has to find a date or earn the honor of being the last single girl in her inner circle. Actually, in all her circles. So with four weeks to find Mr. Right and a frienemy already counting her out, Sarah joins elove hoping that – just like the perfect purse – the internet can help her find the perfect man.

The problem is, love isn’t always where you think you’ll find it and Mr. Right may not be the one with the shiniest profile.

Warning: A novella full of bad dates, snarky frienemies, and a cinnamon roll hero you’ll fall in love with.

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One-Pot Cookbook (Healthy Cooking and Cookbooks Book 1)
by Vesela Tabakova, The Healthy Food Guide
4.3 Stars (285 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Top 70+ No-Stress One-Pot Dinners – Spend More Time Enjoying Your Meal And Less Time Cleaning Up
From the author of several bestselling cookbooks, Vesela Tabakova, comes a great new collection of delicious, easy to make family recipes. This time she offers us 70+ comforting and enjoyable one-pot dishes full of your favorite vegetables, meats and legumes, that are simple and easy to cook whether you need a quick weeknight supper or a delicious weekend dinner.

One-Pot Cookbook: Family-Friendly Everyday Soup, Casserole, Slow Cooker and Skillet Recipes for Busy People on a Budget is an invaluable and delicious collection of healthy one-pot recipes that will please everyone at the table and become all time favorites.
If you’re looking for easy delicious everyday recipes to help satisfy your family and your budget, this cookbook is for you.

Table Of Contents

• Delicious One-Pot Meals to Please Everyone

• Mediterranean Chicken Soup

• Moroccan Chicken and Butternut Squash Soup

• Chicken and Ricotta Meatball Soup

• Bean, Chicken and Sausage Soup

• Slow Cooker Chicken Broccoli Soup

• Lentil and Ground Beef Soup

• Italian Meatball Soup

• Fish and Noodle Soup

• Lentil, Barley and Kale Soup

• Spinach and Mushroom Soup

• Broccoli and Potato Soup

• Moroccan Lentil Soup

• Beetroot and Carrot Soup

• Celery, Apple and Carrot Soup

• Pumpkin and Bell Pepper Soup

• Creamy Potato Soup

• Wild Mushroom Soup

• Spinach, Leek and Quinoa Soup

• Vegetable Quinoa Soup

• Slow Cooker Tuscan-style Soup

• Lamb and Potato Casserole

• Mediterranean Baked Fish

• Mediterranean Chicken Casserole

• Chicken and Potato Casserole

• Mediterranean Chicken Drumstick Casserole

• Greek Chicken Casserole

• Chicken with Almonds and Prunes

• Chicken and Rice Casserole

• Easy Chicken Paella

• Chicken and Artichoke Rice

• Easy Chicken Parmigiana

• One-Pot Chicken Dijonnaise

• Sweet and Sour Sicilian Chicken

• Lemon Rosemary Chicken

• Chicken and Bacon Frittata

• Chicken and Zucchini Frittata

• Beef and Pumpkin Stew

• Beef and Onion Stew

• Beef Stew with Green Peas

• Beef and Spinach Stew

• Mediterranean Beef Casserole

• Beef and Broccoli Stir Fry

• Beef Stew with Quince

• Spanish Beef Stew

• Ground Beef and Chickpea Casserole

• Spinach with Ground Beef

• Delicious One-Pot Ground Beef Pasta

• Sausage and Beans

• Mediterranean Pork Casserole

• Pork and Rice Casserole

• Pork Roast with Cabbage

• Orange Pork Chops

• Pork and Mushroom Crock Pot

• Bacon and Mushroom Frittata

• Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Onion

• Zucchini Bake

• Baked Cauliflower

• Potato and Zucchini Bake

• Artichoke and Onion Frittata

• Green Pea and Mushroom Stew

• Tomato and Leek Stew

• Potato and Leek Stew

• Baked Beans and Rice Casserole

• Creamy Green Pea and Rice Casserole

• Zucchini and Rice Stew

• Spinach with Rice

• Eggplant Casserole

• Eggplant and Chickpea Casserole

• Ratatouille

• Rice Stuffed Bell Peppers

• Green Bean and Potato Stew

• Cabbage and Rice Stew

• Rice with Leeks and Olives

• Rice and Tomato Stew

• Okra and Tomato Casserole

• Spinach with Eggs

• Mish-Mash

• Vegetable Quinoa Pilaf

• Spinach, Lentil and Quinoa Casserole

• Rich Vegetable One-Pot Pasta

• One-Pot Broccoli Pasta

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