An ancient mystery… A skeptical genius… Powerful evil ancestors… A dangerous underworld Crime Syndicate… A horde of disembodied offspring of fallen angels who threaten the entire world! A renowned scientist was orphaned at age eight and has grown to adulthood with no knowledge of his own ancestry. When he is awakened by an unusual visitor with an extremely urgent message, it leads to events that topple everything he has believed about reality.

Niergel Chronicles – Last Hope: Niergel Chronicles Book I
by D. I. Hennessey
4.7 Stars (113 Reviews)
Genre: Religious & Inspirational Fiction | Fantasy | Religion & Spirituality

Niergel Chronicles – Last Hope tells of a journey of discovery, danger, and extraordinary mysteries. It follows the fantastic adventure of a young man with a surprising heritage as he uncovers the astonishing truth about his family history and the earth’s past. He finds himself facing dangerous perils and shocking supernatural threats. All while contending with unsettling truths that upend his understanding of science and the world, forcing him to face the reality of a Creator whose existence he has adamantly denied.

While following the evidence all around him, Jeff’s most profound discovery is the one he least expects — the proof of God’s creative hand.

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