Just a joke I found on my travels. “A werewolf who doesn’t know that they’re a werewolf would be an unawarewolf.”

The Bad Parents: An utterly gripping domestic thriller with a mind-blowing twist
by SL Harker
4.1 Stars (240 Reviews)
Genre: Thrillers | Psychological

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The picture-perfect neighborhood…
Instead of hosting trivia nights, the parents on Madison Lane decide to play by a whole new set of rules. Anything goes. Petra, Dawn and Amy are about to indulge in their darkest fantasies, and it all goes on behind closed doors. Behind perfect picket fences and manicured lawns.

Until someone pushes those fantasies too far.

When Petra’s car is stolen, she puts it down to bad luck. After a driver hops the curb and almost kills her, she knows she’s being stalked. She can’t help but wonder if someone from the group is targeting her.

Petra soon realizes she’s caught in a dangerous game. One she may not win.

A completely gripping, twist-packed and pacy domestic thriller. Perfect for fans of Kiersten Modglin and Tarryn Fisher.

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May Day: A Romcom Mystery (A Murder by Month Romcom Mystery Book 1)
by Jess Lourey
4.1 Stars (1,020 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Mystery

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The not-so-proud owner of a waitressing career and a cheating boyfriend, cosmopolitan Mira James jumps at the chance for a fresh start in rural Battle Lake. When she immediately lands a librarian job and meets a sexy small-town hunk, she wonders if she’s finally made a good life decision.

Until that hunk turns up dead between the library’s reference stacks.

Anxious to learn more about the man who briefly stole her heart, Mira delves headfirst into the mysteries of Battle Lake. The first thing she discovers is that she’d chosen the wrong guy all along. The second? That unknown dangers are concealed under the polite exterior of this quirky town, and revenge is a tator tot hotdish best served cold.

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ORPHANS OF WAR a gripping and emotional wartime saga
4.4 Stars (1,103 Reviews)
Genre: Literature & Fiction | Romance

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Kingston Upon Hull, 1941.

German bombs are raining down on the city. Racing to the nearest air-raid shelter, Charlotte hears an almighty explosion. Her mother’s haberdashery shop has taken a direct hit, reducing the shop to a pile of rubble — and killing her mother outright. Suddenly sixteen-year-old Charlotte is all alone in the world.

But then mysterious Aunt Hilda comes forward — an aunt Charlotte never knew she had — and offers her a home in the sleepy Yorkshire village of Mornington where she runs the local pub with her husband George.

Charlotte doesn’t mind helping out in the pub, but she can’t understand why her Aunt Hilda seems to resent her so. Nor why her mother never revealed she had a sister.

Everything changes when a group of French orphans are brought to live in the big house. Charlotte volunteers to help look after them — and finds a new purpose in life.

Then a band of Free French soldiers is billeted in the village, including a handsome young officer with the deepest brown eyes… But Emile has a tragedy in his past — and Charlotte must uncover both his and her own family’s secrets if they are to have a chance of happiness.

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From the Dust: A Dystopian Adventure (Ember Society Book 1)
by AR Colbert
4.4 Stars (228 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Science Fiction

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In a world where everything is done “For the Greater Good,” exposing the truth is a death wish.

The Leadership knows what’s best for the people… or at least that’s what they claim.

Claren Greenwood is happy to play by the rules. After her mother is killed by rebels and her father is exiled, she will do whatever it takes to keep herself and her brother safe.

But when Claren is identified as an Empath at her aptitude test, she’s pulled closer to the Center and discovers the world she’s always known is a lie.

With the help of a handsome and mysterious rebel, Claren learns there is more to life than what’s inside the city walls. And the Leadership she’s always trusted is dead-set on destroying it.

Claren must stop the Leadership before they discover the secrets she now keeps. Her life… and everyone else’s… depends on it.

Emotionally charged, full of action, suspense, and romance, From the Dust is the start to a roller coaster you won’t want to get off of. All five books of the Ember Society series are now complete- binge away!

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THE PATHFINDERS (Western Historical Fiction)
by E C Tubb
4.3 Stars (178 Reviews)
Genre: Classics | Men’s Adventure | Thrillers

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Sometimes you have to find your own path…

In Pieguard, Zeb Thurnwell is the only trader in town willing to take the townsfolk’s wares up to the city of St Louis.

While folk don’t say anything, everyone knows that Zeb takes much of their hard-earned profits for himself to spend on whiskey.

And with Zeb’s uncle being the sheriff and tax collector for the county, it looks like nothing’s going to change any time soon.

Until Dan Bolder shows up.

As a young, brash man of eighteen, he’s not going to take Zeb’s pilfering ways lying down.

When Zeb tries to silence him permanently, Dan knocks him out cold and takes what he believes Zeb owes him.

Realising that the law will soon be on to him, Dan is forced to leave his family’s ranch and his widowed mother behind.

Zeb and his uncle the Sheriff are not far behind.

But as luck would have it, on the way to St Louis, Dan meets Ben Starpson, a ‘mountain man’ still in his prime.

Saving Dan from the noose, Ben devises a way to get them to St Louis. And so begins their fire-forged partnership.

Along the way, Ben teaches the greenhorn Dan how to hunt, shoot and live like a mountain man.

Yet despite the dangers and the roughness of the frontier, Dan starts to see how Ben sees it – as a place where men can live unabashedly as men.

He may have been a humble sod-breaker but out in these untamed lands, Dan might just be able to find himself a new path in life.

Set in the heart of the once wild frontier, The Pathfinders shows the indomitable spirits of those that made America, in a tale of adventure and loyalty.

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A Tempest Soul
by Oliver Phipps
3.7 Stars (209 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Coming of Age

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Seventeen-year-old Gina Falcone has been alone for much of her life. Her father passed away when she was a young girl and her un-affectionate mother eventually leaves her to care for herself when she is only thirteen.

Though her epic journey begins in 1920 by an almost deadly mistake, Gina will find many of her heart’s desires in the most unlikely of places. The loss of everything is the catalyst that brings her to a level of achievement she could have never imagined.

Yet Gina soon realizes it’s the same events that brought her success that may also bring everything crashing down around her. The new life she’s built soon beckons for something that was left behind. Now, the new woman must find a way to dance through a life she could have never dreamed of.

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