Discover the Macabre Yet Unknown True Crime Stories Series by Daniela Airlie. Step into some of the most heinous (yet relatively unknown) crimes ever committed and delve into twisted tales of murder in the Unbelievable Crimes series.

Unbelievable Crimes Volume One: Macabre Yet Unknown True Crime Stories
by Daniela Airlie
4.0 Stars (92 Reviews)
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs

From the deplorable abduction and imprisonment of young women by James Jamelske, who kept his victims in his basement, to the tale of charismatic charmer Charles Schmid who boasted about his savage murders, each story dives into pure evil.

I’ll take you back to 1993, to the city of Houston, where two teenage girls, Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Peña, were brutally raped and murdered in a crime so brutal it shook the community. I’ll cover the hard-to-hear but important information about the disturbing case as well as what became of the culprits.

I’ll also delve into the bizarre and twisted story of Carl Tanzler, a man who becomes fixated on a beautiful young woman. After her death, he kept her as a mummified corpse in his home for years, with a truly inexplicable outcome.

You’ll also be introduced to the gruesome story of Omaima Nelson, an Egyptian-American woman who killed her husband before proceeding to cook and eat parts of his body.

While most people know about the incomprehensible acts of Ted Bundy, or the wicked crimes of “killer clown” John Wayne Gacy, there’s an underbelly of true crime that has been less covered over the years. Some crimes had a fleeting news story, or a 30-second snippet on a local news station, and have since been long forgotten. These are the crimes we ought to remember, ensuring the victims don’t get wiped from the annals of true crime history.

Discover the dark side of humanity as we delve into some of the most shocking and twisted little-known true crime stories. To most, the senseless acts of violence and pure evil depicted in these cases are simply unimaginable. But, they’re all somebody’s reality.

Please note, as with all true crime content, this book contains details that cover real life murders and violence.

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Unbelievable Crimes Volume Two: Macabre Yet Unknown True Crime Stories
by Daniela Airlie
4.5 Stars (53 Reviews)
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs

Take a walk through the depths of human depravity with Unbelievable Crimes Volume Two. I’ll delve into some of the most shocking and disturbing crime cases in recent history, taking you on a harrowing journey through some of the most twisted tales you’ve not heard of – yet.

I’ll tell you about the heinous crimes of Lawrence Singleton, who brutally assaulted and mutilated a teenage girl as she tried hitchhiking her way home in Los Angeles. I’ll also cover the truly twisted (and incredibly deadly) antics of The Lonely Hearts Killers, a couple who lured unsuspecting victims to their demise for their own greedy desires.

From the lies and manipulation of Christopher Porco, who brutally murdered his own father, to the chilling case of Anatoly Moskvin, who desecrated the graves of dozens of young girls, I’ll shine a light on some of the most wicked minds to set foot on earth.

Despite the horrors within its pages, Unbelievable Crimes: Volume Two aims to retell the stories of the victims, ensuring their deaths are never forgotten and the perpetrators’ deplorable actions are always remembered.

As with all true crime reads, this book explores the darkest aspects of human nature: cases in this book will contain details that cover real life murders and violence.

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Unbelievable Crimes Volume Three: Macabre Yet Unknown True Crime Stories
by Daniela Airlie
4.1 Stars (33 Reviews)
Genre: Biographies & Memoirs

Take a journey with me into the depths of human malice in Unbelievable Crimes Volume Three.

In this third installment, I delve into some of the most appalling (yet lesser-known) crimes of our time, walking with you through a truly shocking odyssey of wickedness. I’ve delved deep into the annals of true crime, and compiled an anthology of tales even the most knowledgeable of crime readers are unaware of.

Discover the sinister story of “The Pockmarked Man”, a mysterious figure whose heinous actions left a trail of devastation in his wake. He preyed on the women of Paris, assaulting them in horrific ways before ending their lives mercilessly.

I’ll also cover the tragic murder of Julia Rawson, a case that exposed the depths of evil that can lurk within seemingly ordinary people. A serial killer fanatic lured Julia back to his home before killing and dismembering her with the help of an accomplice.

Explore the twisted minds of Robert and Stephen Spahalski, a case of identical twins who were bound by blood – but united by their disturbing criminal acts.

Read about the head-spinning web of deceit crafted by Dalia Dippolito, a woman whose cunning manipulation and determination to kill her husband will shock you. While this case reads like a script for a far-fetched thriller movie, this case is no tale of fiction.

Uncover the truth behind the tragic and senseless murder of Angela Samota, a young woman whose life was brutally cut short, with unimaginable cruelty. Decades passed with Angela’s killer free to roam the streets… but would advancements in DNA help snare her murderer and bring them to justice?

Get to know these little-known cases and six more lesser-covered crimes in Unbelievable Crimes Volume Three. As with every book of this series, I will ensure the victims’ suffering is remembered and be sure to emphasize the monstrous actions of criminals.

This book delves into the darkest depths of human nature, recounting real-life cases of murder, violence, and unimaginable cruelty. Please bear this in mind before reading.

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