If you enjoyed Stephen King’s The Outsider, you’ll love author J.J. Alo’s thrilling new adventure The Street Between the Pines. Grab your copy TODAY!

The Street Between the Pines: A Southern New England Horror (Book I)
by J.J. Alo
4.0 Stars (100 Reviews)
Genre: Horror | Suspense

Curtis Reynolds hasn’t slept well in months. Years, even, if you include the deadly DUI that ruined his life.

Returning home today to a pile of debt, his estranged wife, and son between third-shift work assignments has been anything but bliss.

This morning, his elderly neighbor was brutally murdered, and the local police are now prodding him for answers.

And later today, the haunting visions will return with a vengeance…
As an unpredictable natural disaster looms, a mysterious influx of cats roams the pines of Forest Street.

Oh, and there’s a deadly lurking creature killing everyone on it.

Curtis is about to have a very bad day.

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