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Ambition: An Equestrian Novel (The Eventing Series Book 1)
by Natalie Keller Reinert
4.3 Stars (678 Reviews)
Genre: Teen & Young Adult | Sports & Outdoors

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A Wild Ride Through Florida’s Horse Country

Jules came to Ocala one year ago, with only one goal on her mind: becoming a top Three-Day Event rider and trainer. She’s young, hungry, and driven by demons only she knows about. To Jules, being fiercely ambitious is simply the fuel she needs to achieve her dreams.

But to the rest of the Ocala equestrian set, Jules Thornton is a nasty know-it-all who deserves whatever comeuppance she gets.

Jules doesn’t get the hate. What’s a hard-knocking horsewoman supposed to do when no one likes her, everyone is whispering behind her back, and the same pretty rich boy keeps beating her at every event?

It will take a hurricane to blow some sense into Jules, and even then, she won’t be quick to accept help. If Jules is going to succeed, she has to learn to let go of her past and embrace a different version of the world she’s built for herself: one in which people can be just as trustworthy as horses, and everyone deserves a fair shake. With deepening friendships, a budding romance, and a fresh start, Jules could be on the road to recovery.

If she doesn’t mess it up for herself.

Take a journey like no other, as you explore the gorgeous Florida horse country with Jules and her horses, working students, and friends in Ambition. The first in a bestselling series which has captivated thousands of readers, Ambition is a deep dive into the tough, unglamorous world of professional equestrians – and the ways this challenging industry molds its future stars.

It’s the perfect escape for anyone seeking equestrian fiction or horse books for adults. In this seven-book series, you can join Jules Thornton and a cast of horses and equestrians on an intensely realistic and relatable ride through Three-Day Eventing, as Jules learns not just about becoming a better horsewoman, but a better human.

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by Carolyn L. Dean
4.0 Stars (319 Reviews)
Genre: Mystery

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If the dead guy’s a bad guy, is it okay he’s a dead guy?

ONE… mysterious death, with no signs of a struggle or cause
TWO… men fighting over an aging actress while trying to rule a has-been film studio
THREE… days for Edwina to discover the secrets that lead to blackmail and murder!

When newly hatched lady detective Edwina Winterwood gets hired to help discover who’s threatening the life of a star of the silver screen, 1928 Chicago may never be the same. Home of flappers, speakeasys, fast cars and wild parties, when Hollywood royalty arrives everything heats up even more!


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Tip the Scales (Road Trip Romance Book 1)
by A.K. Evans
4.5 Stars (329 Reviews)
Genre: Romance

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A monster snowstorm. Insane chemistry. One little secret.

Max King has lived in northern Maine all his life. And if there’s one thing he’s learned living in his close-knit community, it’s that they look out for one another.

With a life-threatening winter storm approaching, it’s no surprise Max is concerned for the residents of his beloved small town. But it’s his new neighbor that really has him worried. With the power out and temperatures plummeting, Max does what any good neighbor would do. He offers her a place to stay.

Finding a decent man is hard enough. But for Eleanor Page it’s even harder.

Because she’s is a self-made billionaire. And that seems to be difficult for the men she meets to handle.

So when her rugged, handsome neighbor shows up on her doorstep during a massive storm, Eleanor is a bit shell-shocked. While she initially rejects his offer, it’s isn’t long before she has no other option.

As the snow piles up outside and Max turns on the charm, Eleanor struggles to share the truth about who she is. But when tragedy strikes and Eleanor tips the scales, she wonders if she’s lost her chance at love.

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Matt’s Oath: A Classic Western
by Orris Slade
4.3 Stars (444 Reviews)
Genre: Westerns | History

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Orris Slade, best-selling author of the “Cully the Bounty Hunter” books, delivers another Classic Western of right vs wrong.

In the booming mining town of Cripple Creek, Colorado, two young roosters, Matt and Tommy Dawson are out to prove themselves. Hot blooded, impulsive, and quick with their guns, the Dawson boys walk around town like they own it.

One dark day, nineteen-year-old Tommy runs into Ned Shute, an outlaw from Wyoming. The young man pays with his life.

Matt makes an oath to avenge his younger brother’s death and sets off on Shute’s trail. Weeks turn into months as Matt travels across several states in hot pursuit. Every time he gets a sniff of where the murderer might be, he arrives too late.

Doubts persist – will he ever find this killer and make good on his oath? Or will his inexperience and naivety lead him to the same fate as his brother?

Can Matt find the strength and guidance to persevere and keep his promise before he returns home to the loved ones anxiously waiting for his return? Blood will spill and men die in this grisly tale of good vs evil… but justice will prevail.

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Wicked Good Cupcakes: Insanely Delicious and Easy Cupcake Recipes (Easy Baking Cookbook Book 4)
by Louise Davidson
4.3 Stars (111 Reviews)
Genre: Cookbooks, Food & Wine

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Bake the perfect cupcakes every time! Unbelievably easy and insanely delicious!

You don’t need to be an expert to bake cupcakes that will look perfect and taste incredibly good every time! This cookbook provides you with all the information you need to bake the perfect cupcakes with step-by-step directions.

Baking your favorite cupcake has never been easier with the foolproof recipes and easy decorating tips for each cupcake recipe in this cookbook.

Whether you are just starting out or have lots of experience with cupcake making, this cookbook has plenty of recipes that are easy to make and some that will challenge you more. You will also discover the important steps for making moist, decadent cupcakes there are as well as the key ingredients you need to bake them. This cookbook not only offers a variety of foolproof recipes but also gives baking and decorating tips for a perfect cupcake!

All recipes come with a detailed list of ingredients, number of servings, prep, and cooking times, easy to follow step-by-step instructions, and nutrition facts.

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