Two batches of Christmas cookies in and it’s 12:09pm . I feel like I am so late getting started, but there is no schedule. Okay.. I gotta relax. This is fun. I think I need to put on some Burl Ives Christmas music. That will get me in the perfect state of mind.

A Moment on the Lips at Christmas : Get cosy with the most perfect Christmas romantic comedy of 2023
by J Taylor
4.2 Stars (428 Reviews)
Genre: Women’s Fiction | Humor & Satire | Contemporary Fiction

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From the eleven times Amazon Select All-Stars award-winning author, J Taylor

Gavin and Stacey meets National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation meets The Holiday

A Moment on the Lips at Christmas

Join Etta on a funny and feel-good festive getaway. Because an A Moment on the Lips Christmas may not be a perfect Christmas, but it’s definitely one you don’t want to miss.

From: Pamela Wilson

Date: 20 Dec 2021 13:43

Subject: Very exciting news! Prompt response required!

Dear Family and Friends,

We cordially invite you to join us at Midwinter Lodge from 27 December to 2 January, in the glorious wilderness of the Scottish Highlands, for a Christmas and New Year’s break to remember.

Midwinter is an extremely luxurious hunting lodge that sleeps eighteen comfortably and is featured in April 2020 Your Home magazine. Facilities include open fires, Aga, private river access, and manicured grounds with a fire pit. Small dogs are allowed in the house. Outdoor shoes are not.

This break is a gift from us to you. NO financial contribution is required. RSVP WITHIN 24 HOURS as we need the final numbers for the Ocado shop. Transport via executive coach included.

We look forward to hosting you! Let’s make some memories!

Festive love and peace,

Pamela and Gillian

I literally have no words.

In no particular order, it looks like I will be spending my festive break with: Pam; Grandad; my daughter Chloe; my sister; my mother and her new (not legal) toenail-chewing husband Nigel; Gillian and her husband (I can never remember his name); Jenna (thank God!) And Jason who will bring their two boys; Jenna’s mum Maggie (who generally refers to Gillian as  ‘that stuck-up cow’); Maggie’s husband George; and Jenna’s nana, who everyone calls Nana…

Please note – Not for the easily offended!

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Project Humanity Shutdown: A LitRPG Apocalypse Series (Elirm Book 1)
by Vladimir Gotleib
4.5 Stars (140 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | GameLit & LitRPG

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Humanity broke the System. The AI Project sent out a warning that they would come after us. The only chance to save at least some of us is to relocate to a new world. No one is waiting for us out there, but we’re ready to fight for our place and prove that we’re worthy of being here.

The moment the world’s first functioning AI was created, a message flickered throughout the universe.

Acquiring status report… Warning: 10 out of 10 warnings received
Contact: Interference interdiction withdrawn
Subject: Type Zero Civilization, Humanity Version 21A
Verdict: Hazardous
Hazard Category: AAA+ (maximum)
Regulation: Project shutdown, total destruction of version 21A

Sounds bad? It is. However, we will find a way to escape. And if the system does not want to help us, that is just fine, we will do it on our own.

Welcome back to Elirm, Level 1 Human.

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Mexico: Sunlight & Shadows: Short Stories & Essays by Mexico Writers
by Michael Hogan, Linton Robinson, Mikel Miller
4.2 Stars (90 Reviews)
Genre: Travel

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**2015 Gold Digital Award winner from Independent Book Publishers of America**

This is one of the best books available about life for both expat residents and natives in villages and cities across Mexico. What sets it apart from most other books about living in Mexico is that it’s a literary collection of short stories and essays, full of insights by contemporary authors who write and live full time in Mexico or who have spent a lot of time living in the country. The superb collection contains twenty two works, all but five from authors who live full time in the country. Their writing spans a variety of topics; many contributions extol life in Mexico’s abundant sunlight while others examine what the shadows sometimes obscure. It’s a sampler of sorts, with active hyperlinks for more information about the authors and their other writing.

The anthology contains complete chapters from books and also single pieces from internationally-acclaimed authors and emerging writers: Bruce Berger, E.G. Brady, Ann Hazard, Michael Hogan, Jim Johnston, William Kaliher, Janice Kimball, Judy King, Jeanine Kitchel, David Lida, C.M. Mayo, Carol M. Merchasin, Mikel Miller, Katie O’Grady, Antonio Rambles, Daniel Reveles, Robert Richter, Lin Robinson & Ana Maria Corona, John Scherber, Jennifer Stace, James Tipton, and Candelora Versace. Perhaps the best way to gain valuable insights about the day-to-day life of people in a foreign country is to read good books by authors living and/or writing in that country. The purpose of this book is to identify several writers who can help readers accomplish this for Mexico. Enjoy!

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An Alliance Forged by Fire: A Historical Western Adventure Novel
by Ethan Westfield
4.1 Stars (177 Reviews)
Genre: Romance | Literature & Fiction | History

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Carl Jacobs is an idealistic lawyer sworn to justice. On the Oregon trail, he meets a lonely young woman and a mysterious teenage boy. They decide to form a fake family for their mutual protection, but things only get worse when a horrible murder threatens to tear their facade to shreds. Will Carl solve the brutal mystery in time?

Romance and murder can only complicate their efforts…

Mallory Craig is a mail-order bride on the Oregon trail, forced into the company of the charming lawyer Carl Jacobs. But he may not be what he seems, and he’s not the only one. On this journey, everyone seems to harbor secrets that may get all of them killed before reaching their destination. And if she makes it out alive, will she marry the man she is promised to or the man she’s come to love?

Will she pay the ultimate price for her final decision?

Carl and Mallory start having feelings for each other but when a deadly conspiracy engulfs them, there’s no time for sentimentalism… Only guns and bullets can save them in this whirlwind of extreme violence on the dangerous Oregon trail!

“An Alliance Forged by Fire” is a historical adventure novel of approximately 80,000 words. No cliffhangers, only pure unadulterated action.

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Frightful: A Collection of Christmas Horror
by Stephen Barnard
4.1 Stars (87 Reviews)
Genre: Horror

FREE for a limited time

‘It’s not just the weather outside… ‘

Here are twelve tales of festive terror, from the author of ‘Corner House’, and the short story collections, ‘A Very Bad Year,’ and ‘Unlucky Numbers’.

In ‘A Door or a Window?’ Nicola has more than a bad experience with an advent calendar – the daily treats are not what’s expected. But getting rid of it is harder than she thought…
In ‘Wreck The Halls’, Dale needs a Christmas tree to stop his partner from moaning at him, but why pay when you can steal one from the garden of the abandoned house at the end of the lane? Nobody sees him take it. But that doesn’t mean he can get away with it…
In ‘Secret Sandra’, the staff of Torrington Brook High School are celebrating the end of term with the traditional round of gifts. Only, some of them have been swapped for something far more sinister…
In ‘Bad For Your Elf’, Fitzroy’s Department store have taken a dramatic step to up their game in the Santa’s Grotto stakes. But what will be the consequences?

In ‘Three Wise Men’, a group of friends are forced to confront memories of an event that plagued them nearly twenty years earlier. An unexpected Christmas card has brought it all back.

In ‘Big Shop’, Guy Wishburn is having an unpleasant time at the supermarket. Going so late at night might bring with it some horrors not on his shopping list.

In ‘A Ghost at Burrows Manor,’ the children of Bright Horizons Care Home are looking forward to their seasonal stay at the old manor house. A ghost story is shared, which sets them all on edge, and with good reason. There is definitely something out in the snow…

In ‘The Last Present’, It’s Christmas lunch at the Seymour house, and Declan is meeting Holly’s parents for the first time. They’re worlds apart in terms of wealth and class, and Dec is right to be a little nervous. But not in the ways he imagined…
And four more tales, including brand new story ‘Dark the Herald’.

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