You’ll never become the main villain if you’re not willing to die a bunch as the hero. Pixelate is a LitRPG fantasy series that follows the adventures of Arnold O’Connor’s digital self, delving into the secrets of a game world that feels as real as his own body. It touches on themes of self and reality, style vs. stats, and how to kill dragons with the superior application of math.

Test Environment: A LitRPG fantasy book (Pixelate 1)
by Xavier P. Hunter
4.1 Stars (16 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | GameLit & LitRPG

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If you can’t beat the computers, BE the computer.

Freshly unemployed gamer Arnold O’Connor is short on cash and facing eviction. When an indie game developer advertises looking for participants in a brain study to help revolutionize enemy AI, he’s not thinking about the benefits to his hobby, just his bank account.

But things get weird once the trials start. Neuroscientists monitor his brain waves as Connor performs a variety of tasks, culminating in venturing into a testing version of the very game they’re hoping to develop. The tests mess with his sense of reality, seeing things he can’t touch and deafened to some sounds but not others. The game world operates on the same principles, forcing Arnold to wonder whether he’s inside the game or just playing it.

The only way to find out for sure is to reach the end victorious!

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Closed Alpha: a LitRPG fantasy adventure (Pixelate Book 2)
by Xavier P. Hunter
5.0 Stars (7 Reviews)
Genre: Fantasy | GameLit & LitRPG

Former champions clash in a race to the top

Rather than emerging victorious into the real world, Arnold O’Connor finds himself back at the beginning of Spires of Fate. This time, it’s an alpha build he’d stuck inside, and he’s forced to choose an entirely different class. With no outside help, he’ll have to find allies within the game if he hopes to escape.

What’s old is new again as parts of the game world have been fixed, updated, or simply overhauled. New challenges await. New adversaries threaten. And waiting at the top of the spire itself is a simple-sounding quest goal that supplants all others.

Slay the Mountain Lord.

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Open Beta: a LitRPG fantasy adventure (Pixelate Book 3)
by Xavier P. Hunter
5.0 Stars (6 Reviews)
Genre: GameLit & LitRPG | Fantasy

They thought they knew the game. It knew them better.

Connor and Dizzy have a problem. The game has rebooted yet again. Their names have been stolen, and they’re limited to the advanced classes they earned last time around. On top of that, the beta version of Spires of Fate had enabled worldwide PVP combat. It’s going to be the two of them not just against the world, but against the rest of the player base, too.

But they know the game. They’ve got the experience. And the goal hasn’t changed: get to the top and slay the Mountain Lord. And no dirty tricks by the developers are going to stop them.

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Final Release: a LitRPG fantasy adventure (Pixelate Book 4)
by Xavier P. Hunter
Genre: GameLit & LitRPG | Fantasy

A tower defense game the size of an MMO.

He defeated the Mountain Lord. He won. But the game didn’t end, it merely evolved. Taking on the title of his fallen predecessor, Mountain Lord Konroh gets his final task: defend the spire at any cost.

A whole host of new systems open up. Erstwhile villains now owe Konroh their fealty. He can reassign monsters to new zones, teach his minions new strategies, and beef up his fortifications to his heart’s desire. But everything come at a cost. To pay for it all, he’ll need to kill players without getting personally involved. Because to harm a player before they enter his castle will incur penalties that could cripple Konroh’s hopes of survival.

And those players are coming for him. Defeat is inevitable when you’re a raid boss… or is it?

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